For ArcGIS Pro geodatabase topology: Please allow ability to "Validate" topology directly from Catalog pane in the right click menu options for topology within a feature dataset.

Idea created by cwkelso on Mar 28, 2019

    For those of us that must edit frequently, time saving techniques and efficiency are a must.  In ArcMap when using geodatabase topology, the ability exists to validate topology directly in the catalog pane by right clicking on Topology within a feature dataset and choosing Validate.  This option no longer exists with ArcGIS Pro. To validate topology within Pro, one must now use the Validate Topology tool (multiple steps involved - search for tool, populate tool fields, run tool). This is takes more time. The request is for Esri to program into ArcGIS Pro the ability to validate topology directly within the catalog pane by making Validate an available option when right clicking on Topology within a geodatabase feature dataset.