Saving styles in ArcGIS Online for further use

Idea created by ulrihca on Mar 14, 2019

    One thing I am missing in ArcGIS online is the possibility to save styles set to a layer and apply it to other layers. This would greatly reduce the work amount if many layers will have the same style.



    I have a polygon layer and assign styles to the attributes based on their field values. What I wish is to save this to a "style file". If I then create a new layer I wish to import the style file. The only thing I would need to do is to link the fields in the new layer that will be mapped to the style file.

    For instance could deciduous forest have code "1" for field "land cover" in the original layer and will be given the style dark green. 

    When I import the style file for another layer I mark which field to match with the style file. If the new layer also  have a field named "land cover" and I mark it as the style link - anything with code "1" will have the style dark green. #