Add additional managers to Active Directory based groups in Portal

Idea created by colesb on Mar 12, 2019

    In Portal we want to create groups that are based off of active directory groups. We do not want everyone to be able to contribute to the group, but we want more than just the group owner to be able to contribute. Since the group is based off of an active directory group, the members tab isn't visible and therefore there is no way thought the UI to do this.


    I've found a work around by switching the group to invite only, changing a member's permission to manager, then reverting the group back to AD membership. However this is convoluted and not user friendly, especially as we delegate group management to other users who may not be as technical. 


    When looking at portal's sharing rest api, even when a group is based off of active directory, Portal does show the list of members. This means the system is generating and tracking a list of members, but not making the UI for that list available. 


    Please add the ability to designate additional managers for these AD group based groups.