Monochromatic Heatmap Options

Idea created by WKJenkins_METROSTL on Mar 11, 2019
    • WKJenkins_METROSTL

    I am wanting to show overlap between two different layers through heatmap concentrations.  What I have done in the past is use 2 different monochromatic scales and show an overlap between the two by turning the opacity to 50% on both of them. So if i have a monochromatic red and a monochromatic blue you can tell the overlapping concentrations in areas that are represented by areas that are displaying as purple. As of right now there is no way to customize the heatmap settings and there are only three options to choose from in the given system. It would be great if we were given the choice to pick out our own colors for a custom monochromatic scale or just be given the ability to design our own scale. For reference I included a snapshot of some visuals that I have done in the past with this method.