Make Requesting a Case at More User Intuitive

Idea created by Amanda.Huber@threeriversparks.org_trpd on Mar 6, 2019
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    Hi Esri, 

    When opening a new case with I continually find myself stumbling through the drop down lists trying to find all the details of the product I'm looking to open a case about. Sometimes it seems like a game of roulette to find the correct combination of parameters for my product.


    For one example Survey 123 has three products Native App, Connect, and Web (which has two parts Portal and ArcGIS). It's no easy task trying to find the appropriate selections for any of these. 


    A better example is Operations Dashboard. This one's a dark horse, I can never seem to figure out the first time what categories it's under:

    • Logically it could be under any of these three. Apps- since it's an app, More products, or Online- because it's in AGOL

    • If Apps is chosen (which seems logical) then the user is prompted with this. Which to choose? App Builder- because it's a configurable app, other apps, or Web Apps- Because it's technically a web app as well. 
    • Upon clicking all of these I was finally able to determine that Ops Dashboard falls under Apps> Web Apps. 


    This is one small example, but proves a point. Your customers have to play a trial and error guessing game just to receive support. Consequentially if the wrong combination is selected the case will be routed to the incorrect expertise group. 


    Please help us help you direct our cases to the team that they need to go to. 


    Thanks so much!