Ability to Replace Hosted Vector Tiles in AGO

Idea created by boyle.matt on Mar 4, 2019
    • boyle.matt

    Please add the ability to replace a hosted vector tile layer in ArcGIS Online.


    When we want to update a hosted vector tile layer, due to feature changes, or whatever ... there is no way to easily replace / update the hosted vector tile layer without the item id changing, and breaking all the associated child styles.


    The only workflow is to delete the hosted vector tile layer, and re-publish it.


    If you are creating a hosted vector tile layer for base map purposes, creating multiple styles from the master hosted vector tile layer, and want to periodically update the source with feature changes, I don't see a suitable workflow to do this.


    This ability is within Portal for ArcGIS, I'm curious why it hasn't been implemented in ArcGIS Online.


    This is being tracked at Overwrite existing Tile Layer Service on ArcGIS Online.  Please visit that idea to up vote and comment.