ArcGIS Address Locator XML - Need to be able to add Custom Fields and be Supported

Idea created by ipeebles on Feb 28, 2019
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    • ipeebles

    It is possible to edit the USAddress.lot XML file that is used for creating address locators in ArcGIS Desktop.  It would be really nice if ESRI makes the address locator where you can add in custom fields that are returned with the general address locator fields as specified in the address locator XML.


    For example, the address locator XML has only one custom field named: User_fld.


    What if you want to return other information such as address lot, block, plat name, city services, days for solid waste, ward or zoning?  Where do you place these fields if you want to return them as part of the locator for desktop?   In this example you would also need the following custom fields:


    User_fld1 - lot

    User_fld2 - block

    User_fld3 - plat name

    User_fld4 - city services

    User_fld5 - water service

    User_fld6 - electric service

    User_fld7 - ward

    User_fld8 - zoning


    It is really nice to return this type of information with the address, because at the REST endpoint from the geocoding service, you can return this information like so within an application (see attachment)


    The ESRI World Locator does not support this, however I have been able to customize the XML where we can add custom fields, though ESRI does not support it.


    The request is to allow for adding customized fields to the address locator...fields that are part of an address or street segment.  Need to return more information that just the locator information (see attachment for customized XML).


    Thank you!