WAB : Widget Print : add PrintPlus features

Idea created by Magaly.Clement on Feb 20, 2019
    • kmsagis



    Widget PrintPlus is awsome but have some bugs : 

    - The red rectangle is sometimes frozen, or disappear

    - the scale is weird but not always...

    After CTRL+F5, this troubles disappear...

    But users are not satisfied...


    What is interested is :

    - To selected template to use,

    - The preview of print area,

    - The out Wkid,

    - The scales to print

    - The possibility to print attributes of the selected entity (not in default PrintPlus but simply added form "comment" and bloc "comment" in MXD template and a line in code : form.comment = this.map.infoWindow._contentPane.innerText)