AGOL Admin: Make User Filters Work

Idea created by goober0 on Feb 15, 2019
    • goober0

    User filtering for Admins in AGOL is atrocious. The various areas (member management, license management, group rosters, Invite GUI for groups, etc.) do not have a consistent set of filtering options, and none of them include all the options that should be available. Here are some ways to give Admins the tools they need to properly find and manage their users:

    1. Introduce wildcards (%, *)
    2. Allow filtering by
      1. First/Last/Full Name
      2. User Name
      3. Email Address
      4. User type
      5. Role
      6. Date Joined/Created
      7. Last Login
      8. Has/Does Not Have Entitlement(s)
      9. Credit Balance/Used
      10. Enterprise/Non-Enterprise
      11. Has/Does Not Have Items
    3. If partial matches are going to work in some places, they should work everywhere, and consistently
    4. Make partial matches return all matching records rather than only the 1st one
    5. Allow more control over which fields are displayed in table
    6. Allow sorting by all fields displayed
    7. Allow Admin to control how many records are displayed

    I'm sure there's others, but the above would be a good start to making the query/filters work. ESRIobviously knows how to do this in their GIS products, you just need to make AGOL do it as well.