Field to Field by Location

Idea created by deleted-user-yjvxGXQvvuHC on Feb 15, 2019
    • reid.ellis@timmons.com_Timmons_Group
    • It would be really cool to be able to select features by there location/proximity to one another and then update a field using any already existing field in the other layer based on the nearest neighbor.
      • I had a field worker collecting depth to nut for our water valves.  Depth to nut is not an inspection property but and actual attribute about the valve feature.  I need to have the field "depth to nut"  dumped into our valve layer, currently I will have to do this by hand....yikes! there are over 200!
    • Please ESRI... make loading field from field based on location. I included a picture to enhance the understanding of the features and the overlay.
      • Thanks a bunch!#water #utilities #valves #nuts #depths #field #dumpit