WebAppBuilder: Countdown for Refresh Interval

Idea created by pdoherty_napsg on Feb 14, 2019

    Real-world Problem: In emergency management both internal situational awareness maps and public information maps can be used to provide near real-time information to stakeholders. However, it is a challenge to convey that the map will automatically update and when it will update. 


    Audience: Emergency Managers, the Public


    Software: Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Online


    Proposed Solution: A countdown timer that will tell you when the map will look for updates. 


    How would it work? 


    When I set the refresh interval for my map, it also ticks on a message somewhere in the App header or layer list widget that is a countdown. Alternatively, it could be a new widget tied to the refresh interval.


    Here is an example using the Australian "Fires Near Me" app

    Fires Near Me 

    Of course you could use Operations Dashboard for some maps, but in many cases Web AppBuilder is a better fit, especially the Situational Awareness and Public Information Solution configurations.