Add label for cluster point

Idea created by on Feb 14, 2019
    Under Consideration
    • mattias_j
    • nisha
    • jojo3310

    When adding labeled points in the old Version and then zooming out, labels diappeared randomly. Even when zooming back in, moving the map and then zooming back out other labels diasppeared than before.


    Our clients' workaround is printing out the map and adding the missing labels by hand which is a big issue for us and our clients. We've raised this before.


    Runtime 100 brought the feature of auto clustering points when zooming out. But this one looses all the labels so our our clients would still have to print it out and still add missing labels by hand on the print other than seeing it straight away.


    So please consider adding a label to the cluster point (which is printable), preferably auto-using all the labels of the points in this cluster.


    This would add a lot of value to your product.


    Thank you.