Create Detailed AGOL Usage Report for Every Item

Idea created by mtrust on Feb 12, 2019

    I would like to be able to produce a detailed report showing the usage of all items in our ArcGIS Online organization. Currently, if I want to see the number of item views and the average number of views per day of any particular item (an app, a web map, a hosted tile service, etc.) over a particular time range (e.g. last 30 days) I need to go to each item's detail page and click on Usage to get that info.


    As we expand our use of AGOL we need to show management how our usage is increasing, and specifically which apps, maps, etc. are being used the most -- with detailed metrics.


    Many users in the Ideas site have expressed great interest in expanding the capabilities of usage stats (like the one at AGOL Report-Detailed List of created maps, apps, dashboards etc. ). I think Esri needs to include a major enhancement to the overall reporting and tracking of usage, and make such reports exportable to CSV, and to provide the capability to choose time ranges and filter what type of content you want in the reports (like only apps, or web maps and hosted feature services, e.g.).


    Columns in a report might look like:

    Name of Item | Type of Item | Number of Views | Number of Views per Day


    Maybe also include number of views by the public vs. the number of views by registered user.