Grouped Assignments in Workforce

Idea created by TchorzynskiJ_midnr on Feb 8, 2019
    • caroytct
    • johndye

    We often have many assignments related to the each other that a worker has to do as a pack. For example, inventory, pickup, and delivery are all unique assignments that are tethered together... but, have different locations, attributes, etc.  In these cases it would be extremely helpful to create “trips” that could be assigned as a whole or spread across a team.  These trips should be searchable themselves and work in a onetime many fashion in other areas of AGO. It would be great if assignments could be added and removed from trips like the add selected features to relationship tool in desktop as well.  Sequencing of assignments in trips would be helpful too. A major usecase would be tied to network analysis and putting assignments in order from a route... or, putting dependencies on completing one assignment before the next can start.