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Idea created by keith.mckinnon@newberg on Feb 1, 2019
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    In the Table Name field of the Dynamic Value table, you can denote a subtype by adding the subtype value (integer) after the field name using the | (pipe) symbol.  Ex. wwMain|1, wwMain|2, etc.  I use this when I using different sequences for the GENERATE_ID tool.


    For example:


    For wastewater mains, I use two different prefixes in the uniqueID (wwgm for Gravity Mains, and wwfm for Force Mains).  UniqueIDs look like wwgm0101 for a gravity main, and wwfm0101 for a force main.


    So, my DynamicValue table looks like this:


    OBJECTID * Table Name Field Name Value Method Value Info Create Change ON_CHANGEGEO ON_MANUAL RUN_WEIGHT COMMENTS

    3299 wwMain|2 uniqueid GENERATE_ID ssfm_id_index|4|wwfm[seq]|True TRUE FALSE TRUE <Null> <Null> <Null>

    3298 wwMain|1 uniqueid GENERATE_ID ssgm_id_index|4|wwgm[seq]|True TRUE FALSE TRUE <Null> <Null> <Null>