Web AppBuilder - Print Filtered Attribute Table from iPad

Idea created by GeoGranomicon on Jan 31, 2019
    • GeoGranomicon
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    • agrecu_salem

    Hello, I have a user requesting the ability to print filtered attribute tables when using web apps from an iPad.


    For the fun of giving you a real life case example : Snow Operation foreman could print a list of all Fire Hydrants from a sector that still need to be cleaned out of snow and rapidly give that list to an employee going out working his shift.


    As of Portal 10.6, this capacity is not yet possible with the actual Attribute Table widget. I know we can configure the Attribute Table Widget to allow exportation in .CSV but it is a sketchy work around at best.


    .CSV exportation does not export domain descriptions and can’t be used directly from an iPad (iOS limitation) to send directly to a printer. Users need to connect to a desktop to print the .CSV, not convenient in the field.


    We need to be able to print filtered attribute table directly from iPads.