Survey123 Inbox - Queries to filter out surveys that are not within the an expression

Idea created by geethaka.fernando_ACTGOV on Jan 30, 2019
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    Hi Ismael Chivite, James Tedrick, Elvin Slavik, and team.


    I have created a survey with over 2000 features (and growing). And my client would prefer to use Survey123 to edit these features from time to time.


    But, given the sheer number of surveys - it is quite slow to load. Unless, a spatial filter is used - to filter surveys in the inbox.


    Similar to spatial filters - Could you please look into an option where users can write a query expression in the Inbox search bar - and when they hit Refresh - it would only load surveys relevant to that query expression (rather than loading all features - and then filtering results based on the expression).


    This can currently be performed in the Connect app - when publishing a Survey. But, I'd like the users to have the ability to 'filter the inbox' based on some criteria.


    Hope this makes sense.