Have ArcGIS Pro handle basemap citation like ArcGIS online does.

Idea created by ksjosh82 on Jan 30, 2019
    • jprussmann@wwf.org.co_panda
    • ksjosh82

    The credits/citation for basemaps is a very long description.  In ArcGIS Online the list is still long but updates as you pan.  In ArcGIS Pro the credits are static.  For instance in the US, information from Esri Japan would not show up and therefore wouldn't need to be in the list.  At the suggestion of an Esri staffer, I am posting this with the hope that this could be made dynamic and change as you pan.  See the following thread for my example and frustration with such a long citation for the World Topographic map.  Why are the credits so long for the World Topographic map?  

    I did learn you can extract the text and make it dynamic so it can be moved off the map frame in the layout but it is still very long to have even as a separate map element.