Need ability to modify Locator properties for Portal Locators

Idea created by warice on Jan 30, 2019

    For the past ten years, we have published Address Locators to an internal ArcGIS Server for use by our ArcMap and ArcReader users.  We typically publish the locators with Geocoding options of Spelling Sensitivity, Minimum Candidate Score, and Minimum match score with a values of 85 to provide a maximum number of candidates returned for single address searches.  For batch geocoding, however, where we are needing addresses to match to an exact address point and to fail if no exact address is found, we increase these three Geocoding options to a value of 96.  If an exact match or near result is not found, I want the match result to fail.  Also, with batch geocoding, we typically make numerous rounds or iterations of geocoding on a set of input addresses varying these geocoding option values depending on the nature of the problem with the input address.  Changing the Geocoding Options is not a "nice to have" feature but a major feature of the Gecoding tools that we have been using with ArcMap from the inception of the ArcMap product.  


    Standalone ArcGIS Servers are now being replaced with either ArcGIS Enterprise implementations and on-premises Portals and also being replaced by the Portals provided by ArcGIS Online.  In ArcGIS Pro, we need to have the same capability in the ArcGIS Pro product that has existed from the beginning in the ArcMap product.  We need to have the ability to access and modify the Locator properties for portal locators that have either been published to ArcGIS Enterprise or to ArcGIS Online.