Develop Pop-ups in Insights Map Chart or a Identify like Table

Idea created by rob_clark on Jan 23, 2019
    • noel_p
    • rob_clark

    There is a similar idea for extending pop-ups here. But I wanted to build on this. 


    It's one of the #1 functions of any map, click on a feature and read all of it's attributes. 


    In our industry we often have very large datasets with a huge number of columns, whilst we chart by some it would be nice to be able to select one feature and have some view where you could read all it's attributes. 


    Could be two ways of doing this, inherit the web map pop-up or add another widget that pivots the selected features attributes to column aliases being the first column and the values the second (and then scroll between the selected features like in WAB if more than one feature).  Bring the worlds closer in summarizing data and then interrogating a feature of interest in one app.