IOS Split Screen for all Mobile Apps

Idea created by colgateg on Jan 28, 2019
    Partially Implemented
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    Craig Gillgrass, James Tedrick


    Hey guys,


    With the release of iOS 12, we now have the ability to share screen space between two apps (Safari & Messages or Email & Maps). This functionality is very helpful when passing focus between complementary actions. I think this ability would be a huge benefit to our workers using Workforce, Survey123, Navigator, Collector, Safari/Chrome, etc.


    One of our biggest complaints has been the isolation (disconnected feeling) between opening a work ticket in workforce and completing a survey in Survey123. We have previously asked for the ability to configure callbacks from Survey123 to complete the workforce assignment (any movement here?). Closing the loop so to speak between starting their work in workforce, recording their observations in the survey forms, and coming back into workforce to finish their work. 


    I think the implementation of split screen would help elevate some of this issue by keeping both of the apps visible during their input activities.  While they have workforce open on one side the other could be used for navigator, survey123, or collector depending on what they need at the moment. Always with workforce acting as an anchor to guide them through the work process.




    BTW's... when will be seeing the next release of Workforce? Nudge, nudge...


    workforce for arcgis, survey123_for_arcgis, collector_for_arcgis