Add Supported Versions to ArcGIS Pro Licensing Window within Pro

Idea created by DevonBise on Jan 28, 2019
    • DevonBise
    • reid.ellis@timmons.com_Timmons_Group
    • codyslater

    Currently, there appears to be no equivalent within Pro showing what versions of Pro are supported based on your current licensing configuration.  For instance, in ArcGIS Administrator, there is a field showing which versions of Desktop are supported by the license in use.  It would be nice if ArcGIS Pro would have an option to view what versions of Pro would be supported based on the version of your License Manager, Portal, etc. and license type.  



    Update: Enhancement Submitted

    [ENH-000119695: Allow  ArcGIS Pro to display the version of the License Manager  it is connected to for concurrent licenses and version of the ArcGIS Portal the Named user license is coming from.]