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Idea created by pshende74 on Jan 20, 2019
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    Hi Everyone,

         I have an AGOL account that has a lot of members and they are all parts of different groups. When I only had 50 people on board, this was not a problem but as time has passed and I have added more and more people to the portal, the management is getting out of hand and when I have to port over a group of names to a collaborative partner from another organization, it is a real pain. I have tried using special naming conventions such as: userxyz_groupa as a means to easily manage but since there appear to be absolutely NO WILD CARDS when searching, that only provides visual cues. There is an easy way for this to be fixed in my opinion. If it is mandatory to #tag layers, apps, maps, etc, admins should be able to #tag a user. So, if I am entering a new user, it would be "johnnybananas" and I would tag that person with a "GroupA" or whatever works. When I have to search for people after the fact, I could simply type in "GroupA" in the filter field and all "GroupA" people would come up. I have even tried to use wildcards in AdminTools and get no love. 


       I can't imagine that I am the only person having this issue. Help please!


    IF THIS IS A DUPLICATE FROM SOMEONE ELSE, PLEASE FORGIVE ME....and if you can point me to that post.