User Type Change needs to be a privilege, not just admin capability.

Idea created by jtessier on Jan 17, 2019
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    Create a privilege that will allow a non-Administrator to reassign another member's user type.


    Our use case is this (using user-type model terms):  A Viewer in Italy would like to create content, (note we see this as a frequent request that will increase for the system when it goes to PRD).  They must request for a User-Type change to Creator or above.  Unfortunately the only user-type/role who can currently make this change is an Administrator of the Portal in the hosting center.  Moreover, the Regional leadership would need to make the call as to if this person is allowed to change to this user-type, so the folks who can make the access call cant execute the action.  It would be ideal if the Regional leadership could have the privilege to change the users from Viewer to other user-types that require being able to create content.  Note at 10.5.1 there is an Admin privilege that can be given to these Regional leaders that does allow them to change users among Level 2 custom roles (just not between Level 1 and Level 2), while they are NOT Administrators, they are publishers. Further, at 10.3.1, before Named Users were in the mix, the Privilege as there to allow any role to perform this change.