Make the Print Capability Obvious in Printable Storymaps

Idea created by ezhatcher on Jan 17, 2019
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    • ezhatcher

    One of our state Open Data site users brought forth the information that as a person with an ADA disability, the interactive zooming as he navigated our Map Journal community storymaps was violating requirements for rapidly-changing graphics (under the same category as flashing screens). The solution we provided directing him to the print preview for the information he was looking for resolved the problem, and this feature provides an alternative that meets the ADA standard. However, he wouldn't have known where to look without having to download and look through our site guides or ask us directly as he did. The way to access the print option to export the storymap to either a PDF or have it as a paper copy is not as obvious as it should be for a primary means of meeting ADA standards.


    Beyond the ADA requirements, printability is essential to other users' needs. Many of our other users visit and support rural Alaskan communities without reliable internet connections. They need to print these storymaps prior to traveling to these areas.


    It would be great to have a much more obvious PDF View/Print button at the top of these printable storymap templates so that not only users with ADA disability have a more clear static option of interacting with this information if needed, others can make use of that option to take these resources along when they are traveling to the vast expanses of this state that lack internet. It is too easy to miss the barely visible chain link icon at the top will open a window with a print button.