Data Entry and Attribute Table Navigation is Difficult in Pro

Idea created by Jeanette.Bachand on Jan 15, 2019
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    • Jeanette.Bachand
    • kmsagis

    The attribute window in ArcGIS Pro doesn't seem to tab through the fields as expected and tabbing will sometimes skip from the attribute window pane to the attribute table and other places that I don't expect the cursor to go. Entering dates only seems to work when entering in the attribute table and fields with domain values don't work as expected. In general, data entry for features is unnecessarily difficult in Pro and the tab key has become useless. Why would functionality for simple, basic tasks be compromised with a software that's aimed to be faster, better, and claims to be intuitive?


    The idea behind the mouse-over pop-ups for fields in the attribute window is also a nice feature but tends to get in the way more than be useful, perhaps it should just go back to the bottom of the pane like it is in Desktop. Also, when I'm trying to navigate in the attribute table it tends to scroll back to the first field or first row and I lose my place.


    Please mimic the ease of data entry as it is in any of the versions of Desktop with Pro.