Define Vector Tile Package Extent

Idea created by enile on Jan 11, 2019
    • enile

    Vector tile packages (.vtpk) are a great way to share and view basemaps in PRO and Collector. These basemaps are an amazing way to quickly view millions of vector features. Presently all the vector features in the Map are converted to vtpk in tiles based on the number of points.

    The challenge I see is to keep the size as small as possible while still containing the appropriate vectors. I would like to create vtpk files with data constrained to a specific extent like a county, city, region, district, SAR search area, or an emergency response area for a fire or flood.

    There are no environment settings for Create Vector Tile Index or Create Vector Tile Package. The request is to add an environment setting for extent to these two commands, any features that fall outside of that extent would not be rendered in the vtpk. This would limit the size of the resulting basemap without having to clip all features in a Map.

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    A work-around is to edit the polygons of the Tile Index to only include the smallest tiles and their parents in the area of interest, but this is a cumbersome approach.