ESRI web course - make exercises print-friendly

Idea created by geodoozer on Jan 1, 2019
    • billfox
    • geodoozer

    ESRI Academy web courses are awesome and I really value the chance to further my knowledge!  However, the exercises of the latest ones do not seem to be print-friendly: there is no print PDF button nor can the left-hand panel be collapsed.

    This is a marked change from seemingly older courses, e.g.:

    Please can the ability to collapse the left-hand panel and print the whole exercise in one go be reinstated?  E.g.:

    This would greatly aid students who:

    • Only have one small monitor and find it tricky flipping backwards and forwards between the instructions and their ESRI software.
    • Are assisted in their learning by printing material and scribbling notes on it.
    • Like to have a hardcopy record of what they learned for future reference.


    (I would also support whole web courses being able to be printed easily, refer Virtual Campus training course - complete pdf desired.)


    Thanks for providing such a varied range of courses, and thank you for your consideration.