Having Data Reviewer Batch Job creation in ArcGIS Pro and Python

Idea created by Lapoutra on Dec 28, 2018
    Not in Current Product Plan

    It is currently impossible to create Batch Jobs in ArcGIS Pro. This limitation entails that the Data Reviewer extension will not be built-on or may not exist in the future (?). In order for a user to develop a durable quality control framework with Data Reviewer, the durability of the tools used need to be ensured: the batch jobs checks need to be maintained and updated.


    Furthermore, the creation of batch jobs relying only ArcMap or even ArcGIS Pro is a limitation in itself. Since quality control is an ongoing process, for Data Reviewer to fully realize its potential, it would need to be ran on a regular basis, in Python. As this user pointed it out Data Reviewer Single Run Check Python , it would be great to be able to create batch jobs .rbj files in Python. I would add that having a batch job be limite#d to a feature class input during the creation (unless changing workspace) would bring more flexibility to the Data Reviewer extension.






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