Have ArcGIS Pro remember my catalog contents

Idea created by AltErica on Dec 27, 2018
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    • mvolz47
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    My least favorite difference between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro is that Pro does not remember my databases, servers, and folders between sessions.


    We're a large company with multiple enterprise SDEs, development/staging/production environments, network folders where data is shared -- having to remember and re-add those couple dozen connections is a frustrating time sink.


    I have seen the workaround to create a "dummy" template project, in which I have stored all these favorite connections. And I've done that. However, it's got downsides:

    • If a colleague passes me an APRX file, they don't have my connections in place, so I spend time recreating them.
    • If I share an APRX based off my template with somebody else, it's got a lot of connections set up that are useless, or that potentially shouldn't be shared.
    • If I find a new connection while working on a specific project, I need to remember to open my template just to add this new resource. (I'm not always that organized.)