Survey123 - Feature report template, field in report file name

Idea created by ByronTsang on Dec 21, 2018

    When exporting large batches of report forms in Survey123, it would be tremendously helpful to be able to include field data as part of the exported file names.


    As present, it appears that one can one specify a file name prefix, which is appended by each record's OID. (e.g. "FORM1_OID1.docx", "FORM1_OID2.docx", etc.


    By contrast, it would be wonderful is one could specify a field to include in the file name during export (e.g. Item Title = "FORM1_${formid}_${formdate}"), with the resulting exported forms populating with the corresponding data from that field. (e.g. "FORM1_Survey 1_2018-12-21.docx", "FORM1_Survey2_2018-12-22.docx", etc.