Enhance the "Share" dialogue box

Idea created by MHOOLE_governmentofbc on Dec 20, 2018
    Partially Implemented
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    • MHOOLE_governmentofbc

    The "Share" dialogue boxes could use some enhancements (mainly from an administrator's perspective - but enhancements would be useful to regular users too). 


    • Provide more information about the groups i.e. owner, # of members, # of items shared to the group...
    • Include links to the group's page (open in new browser tab).
    • From item details pages it would also be nice to have the ability to share to groups with "update capability enabled" (currently this is only possible vie content page).
    • Make the dialogue box bigger and/or adjustable.  We have hundreds of groups in our organization.  As an admin i can only see 5 at a time in the dialogue box and forced to use a scroll bar to browse the groups.
    • Add a search box so that i can search for a group, rather than scrolling to find the group.