"Find Existing Locations" results to include SITE & DISTANCE to site

Idea created by jolocicero on Dec 19, 2018
    • jolocicero
    • Aug08

    Scenario:  10 sites with a buffer of 3 rings each = 30 sets of data. 

    100's of uploaded addresses. 

    The exported results to Excel should identify the "site" and the "distance" from each address.  The site is necessary since there will be overlap.

    Currently, I have to perform 30 processes using the "Find Existing Locations" to identify the proximity to the site.

    Is there currently a better way to perform this task?  If not, please consider automating.


    The attached map shows total data points in each radius pulled as a group with "Find Existing Locations", but the data exported does not clarify the site or the distance to the site.