Collector - keep selection highlighted when adding new records

Idea created by on Dec 18, 2018
    • plester

    In Collector, it's already difficult to see which feature is selected as the highlighting is rather subtle. (See this item, for example: difficult to see highlighted/selected feature )


    Compounding this problem is that when an item is selected and you tap "New" in a related table in order to collect a new record, the feature highlighting disappears entirely.

    Collector iOS app with item selected and new record being created

    In this screenshot it's impossible to tell which feature was selected when a new record is being created. The highlighting which is there when you select the feature disappears as soon as you select "New" from the menu on the right, even though "New", by definition, has to be associated with a feature because that's how Collector is designed.


    Can we keep the highlighting enabled on the feature associated with the new record?