Include "Learn ArcGIS lessons" in Portal

Idea created by on Dec 18, 2018

    Recently I read this blog post: Share Learn ArcGIS lessons within your organization and came to wonder why this is not available in the ArcGIS Portal as well.


    So, please include "Learn ArcGIS lessons" in ArcGIS Portal too. It would be very helpful for less skilled users, if the very nice tutorials from Learn ArcGIS would also be available in Portal, instead of - as now - limited to ArcGIS Online alone.


    If the lessons is available in Portal, the lessons would be right at hand, and because of that they would be even more used. With the lessons right at hand users would easier improve their skills. Also the users would have only one place to look for lessons and tutorials.


    To better understand what Learn ArcGIS lessons is, please read this post: Learn ArcGIS