Support for concurrent workspace drawing in ArcGIS Earth

Idea created by rodwellch on Dec 14, 2018
    • rodwellch

    Recently, we got an interesting request from users, who heard about the interesting feature of sharing workspace in ArcGIS Earth, it's a powerful 'buy-in' for the product. It would be great if users can even draw in the shared workspace CONCURRENTLY (say, in a network shared drive). Currently, it works when they are not making edits at the same time. But once they make edits concurrently, the last user's edits overwrites the shared workspace when saving - all other users will loose their drawings. At least, maybe if ArcGIS Earth can recognize and respect My Drawings FOLDERS, if the drawings are dragged into folders..basically some way to protect a user's drawing(s) from being over written by the last user. The need for this is: an organization may have a couple of analysts, say, each responsible for monitoring incidents/events/armed groups areas of influence in a State/Province/Region. All are required to make weekly briefings on happenings in their respective regions, and this can be presented in ONE SHARED CONCURRENTLY EDITABLE workspace (as a common picture of each one's drawings in one 3D visual globe), instead of sharing/exporting each one's workspace.