web maps that don't break when you add layers to service

Idea created by kmsagis on Dec 10, 2018
    • WDodson
    • mvolz47
    • jhead@lakeworth
    • jtraut
    • kmsagis

    If you add layers to a service, they don't show up in web maps. 


    We have to remove the service, and redo popups, labels, symbology, scales, etc for any and all sublayers.


    Can this be fixed? Especially now that immutable layerIds are in Server... (which was huge)  Why can't it just add any new layers that get added, and remove ones that are gone? And it would be good if schema changes didn't affect it. I hope this can be added once grouping of layers is also added to AGOL in 2019. 


    Can anyone comment if this is In Product Plan?


    Also this would help my production viewers because I have wired things to reference DOM nodes to auto expand some sublayers inside groups (to overcome design issues of layerlist (no partial checkbox in layerlist) but the _3888 or whatever numer suffix changes when you re-add data. So, if this problem gets fixed, it will prevent a period of downtime in the future when I next have to upgrade. As well as saving time redoing popups, labels, etc.