Provide shortened URL that directly opens the web app instead of the item details page

Idea created by mboscheesri-nl-esridist Employee on Dec 6, 2018

    Web apps can be shared with the public using a short URL by clicking on the share icon on the item details page. However, when this URL is opened in a browser the item details page of the web app appears. It would be more user friendly to directly open the web app. Now the only way to create such a link that opens the web app directly is by adding the 'Share' widget to the web app (in Web AppBuilder), open the widget and copy the URL that appears in the widget to share it with others. This is not very useful if you do not want the Share widget in the web app. Therefore it would be great if the short URL that is provided on the item details page would directly open the web app (instead of the item details page).