Improve ArcGISIndexingServer

Idea created by gcwood@ncc on Dec 4, 2018
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    I appreciate what ArcGISIndexingServer.exe is doing to improve performance of ArcGIS Pro but I think there could be some simple improvements. It's currently a memory hog and brings my computer to it's knees regularly.

    Quiet regularly I have to kill the process as it stops my workflows. 

    My Ideas:

    • Only Index what about 4 levels deep on my favorites..
    • Don't update so thoroughly so often
    • Restrict it to using 80% of system memory as windows reserves a decent chunk for caching of currently accessed files..
    • Leverage the windows indexes
    • Build the index on disk first then load to ram for optimization when the screen is locked.
    • Build the index in parts


    What Happens now

    Things slow down or even stop working/crash


    Check Task Manager shows how much ram ArcGISIndexingServer.exe is using.