Allow Subtypes to Control Non-Nullable Property of Other Fields

Idea created by mbabinski1988 on Nov 29, 2018
    • mbabinski1988

    Subtypes applied within a feature class or table provide a great range of options for enforcing data integrity by specifying the domains and/or default values to apply to other fields for each subtype. It would be very helpful to expand the field properties which can be controlled on a per-subtype basis to include the non-nullable/read-only property.


    Suppose you have applied subtypes (0, 1, 2) to Column A, and Column B contains additional details that only apply when Column A equals 1 or 2. With this idea you could specify:

    • For subtypes 1 and 2, Column B has a domain of "Column_B_Options"
    • For subtype 0, Column B default value is "N/A"
    • For subtype 0, Column B is read-only (so an editor couldn't erroneously enter a non-sequitur value)


    Thanks for considering my idea! Please upvote if you think it's worthwhile for Esri to take a look at.