Arcgis-Pro: LAS dataset Profile view

Idea created by ds0815 on Nov 28, 2018

    In ArcMap exists the posibility to create profiles in LAS-Datasets (PointClouds), using the "LAS-Toolbox" (requires 3d-Analyst). This way its possible to quickly analyse and re-classify Lidar-Pointclouds, eg. modify terrain classification etc.

    (see LAS dataset Profile View—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop )


    We still miss this funktion in ArcgisPro!

    (To View las-PointCloud in Scene-viewer doesnt help, because if you look from a profile-like perspectiv you cant tell points appart because of the depth of the view.)


    So please implement the las-dataset profile tool in Apro, e.g. as a ribbon in the Toolbar!


    PS: Talking about Profiles: maybe an "universal" interactiv Profile Tool would be an further idea, where the complete content of a scene/Map could be visible in a Profile. (Currently some Profile Tools exists that work with certain datasources: (Height-) Profile using a polyline draped on Raster Terrain, Stack-Profile which can use more data but is not interactiv, las-profile which only shows las-data... )

    It would be nice to see all Data in one interactive Profile, including options to measure, classify, select/query and maybe edit/create data.