Option to start ArcPad with typical window size

Idea created by g.waldherr-esri-de-esridist on May 10, 2010
    • zadar1
    • tcchristensen
    • 1_Benmosquito
    Windows version of ArcPad starts in full screen mode by default. Please add an option to start ArcPad with typical mobile device resolutions and/or change the resolution change the ArcPad window size without restart to have an approximately WYSIWYG preview.

    It is not necessary to invent this feature again. There is an undocumented command line option from earlier versions. (c:/.../arcpad.exe /size=n  n=0-5; http://forums.esri.com/Thread.asp?c=34&f=847&t=27893). I think only the parameters for the size option must be updated to actual devices.