Ability to edit the WFS connection in PRO

Idea created by KristofferBgeoinfo-dk-esridist Employee on Nov 22, 2018
    • tmmaccel
    • KristofferBgeoinfo-dk-esridist

    In ArcMap you can add a Data Interoperability Connection to consume a WFS.

    If you need to make minor changes to the connection, you can right-click and choose edit Data I/O connection.


    In ArcGIS PRO you can a new WFS server connection, but there is no way to edit the connection parameters afterwards. So if you made a mistake in the username or a custom parameter, then rather than edit and review the connection, you need to make a completely new connection!


    That's silly and wastes time

    So please grant the option to use the Catalog Pane to review and edit existing connections to WFS .. and WMTS, WMS etc...


    Kind regards

    Kristoffer Waage Beck

    Esri Certified Desktop Professional