Extend Recent Projects List

Idea created by 073483@one.phoenix.gov_Phoenix on Nov 20, 2018
    • barrypitts
    • stp2bfre

    We can see the 10 most recent projects in both ArcMap(MXD) and Pro(Project).   That is not enough. 

    Sometimes what we see is a list of 10 saved iterations of a single working project.


    My suggestion is to extend that list, without limits, so that the user is able to scroll through projects by date. 

    I’m fairly sure the metadata would support this, so why limit us to 10?  


    Frequently GIS shops work for many department/division customers, adding complexity to our folder/file searches.  Since projects are often updated on some calendar basis (quarterly, yearly, etc.) I would like to be able to scroll back through projects like I can the emails which triggered those efforts.