Save Active Portal in ArcGIS Pro Project

Idea created by tmichael81 on Nov 19, 2018

    I think it would be useful if the currently active portal were saved in an ArcGIS Pro project.  As a consultant working with many customers I have many portal connections saved (currently 12) in ArcGIS Pro.  Each time I open a project ArcGIS Pro reconnects to the most recently used connection, which is not necessarily related to the project that I am working on.  I have found this to be a small issue in a couple of ways:

    • If the last portal connection was private (i.e. I was connected to a portal while on-site or over VPN) it takes some time for the connection to time-out and to be able to connect to a new portal
    • When trying to 'Switch Active Portal' in ArcGIS Pro, it can take a moment for the software to test each connection (I assume that's what it is doing) to determine if it's available or not, and to make the portal connections selectable based on connectivity.


    Overall, I think it would be convenient if the active portal connection were saved with each ArcGIS Pro project.