Support for Geometric Networks in Pro

Idea created by BradleyJones on Nov 14, 2018
    Not in Current Product Plan

    Let us trace and edit Geometric Networks in Pro. 


    I understand that Utility Networks are supposed to be better and designed to replace Geometric Networks, but they are new and, from what I understand, they require an Enterprise license.  Making it an all or nothing deal is quite frustrating and will keep smaller orgs from moving to Pro.


    I am currently developing add-ins for Pro to facilitate its deployment throughout my org (planned in Jan). I have a small group of users running Pro and testing my add-ins. The last tool of the add-in I needed to develop was a trace tool. This killed it until we deploy Utility Network...If we can. 


    Pro deployment is on hold for a while.  And I think we aren't the only org in this situation.