ArcGIS Arcade Playground Quality of Life Improvements

Idea created by deleted-user-pZlUMHhkW23Q on Nov 7, 2018
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    The ArcGIS Arcade Playground leaves much to be desired for people want to develop using Arcade.


    Fig. 1 -- Current Arcade Playground as of 2018-11-07Suggest the following quality of life improvements:

    • Problem: Console messages and Error messages don't display the line number of execution. This makes debugging more difficult.
      • Solution: Show the line number. Full traceback option would be great too.
    • Problem: The Expression window is only 10 lines long by default. This makes it difficult when write longer scripts to follow along as see your work. You can make it longer by closing the results/messages window but you have to close it every time, which breaks up the workflow and the extra click is tedious.
      • Solution:  Make the code window longer by default, and move the Results/Messages window elsewhere. see Figure 2, and Figure 3 below of suggests of layout redesign.
    • Problem: The filter option is currently only available on the Functions section but not on fields.
      • Solution: Extend the filter to work on fields as well. Would help speed up the lookup of fields.


    Fig 2 -- Header Allow to scroll-up on the Header

    Fig 3 -- Layout Redesign