Join to ArcGIS Online/Portal layers in Power BI

Idea created by deleted-user-7SLqM7dlvYNN on Nov 5, 2018
    • deleted-user-7SLqM7dlvYNN

    This would allow for custom boundaries/points from ArcGIS Online/Portal, brought into Power BI, to be joined with data from Power BI e.g. I've got some BI data related to contractors and I want to show that data relative to the contractors' boundaries on a map within Power BI. I could join the data based on the region/contractor name/a common field to the same field in the ArcGIS Online/Portal layer and map my BI data based on the geographical boundaries. 


    This would save having to create views or alternative methods for connecting to BI sources from within GIS and would allow Power BI users to mashup their own BI maps, adding visual context (spatially) to the data.