Save location of attribute table in ArcPro (docked or undocked)

Idea created by MicheleHosking on Nov 5, 2018

    It seems that with all the different panes and views in ArcPro you end up with very little space for the actual map.  With the contents pane on one side (because you need to access this all the time so who wants it auto-hiding all the time) and the symboloy/geoprocessing/create features/etc..... on the other side (because I'm constantly needing the geoprocessing tools specifically so who wants that auto-hiding all the time) when I go to open an attribute table and it comes in at the bottom of my screen I end up with very little map left - especially if you want to see more than a couple of rows in the attribute table.


    So - easy fix - I undock my attribute table and pull it onto the other screen (as I always had it with ArcMap).  This is all good except that when you close the attribute table and then open another one (or the same one again) it opens at the bottom of the screen again. So (sigh...) I have to undock it and pull it onto the other screen again.


    It would be awesome if it would just save that I like my attribute table undocked and on the other screen (as ArcMap did) and not just within that project but for all projects.  It could just save it at exit (as ArcMap did) or it could be a setting in options - either way is fine.  Just please can I not have to undock it every single time?


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