Survey 123: PDF Reports

Idea created by john.mcewen on Nov 1, 2018

    This idea post is one of several individual ideas that I had grouped together on this original post: Even though Survey 123 Connect has many of these capabilities that can be "programmed", there are other applications that have web-based form design similar to the Survey 123 web designer but that are easier to use in terms building in capabilities that can only be built in using S123 Connect. Scott Prindle requested that I post each enhancement individually. These enhancement requests are based on my experience using a web app called GoCanvas* (GC) for damage assessments.


    The latest information that I could find about automating PDF reports was for the 2.3 release. GC automatically generates a reasonable standard PDF that will or will not show certain fields in the form that may be just static text instructions for the user. Or a field could be set to not display on a PDF if it is an optional field that the user left blank. Signature and photo fields can be set to small/medium/large as well.


    But there is also a built in PDF designer that works strictly through GUI/drag-and-drop to place fields where they should be on the form. It's does have a slight learning curve if the user is not familiar with basic design concepts, but it would only take a day or so to learn.


    Finally, GC provides the option to automatically send submissions as PDFs (standard or designed) to cloud storage (Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive/etc.). Or with a little bit of programming, it is possible to send the PDF version of the submission through custom integration.


    *GoCanvas is just what we use and is one of many similar field data collection platforms that, as far as I am concerned are easier to use than S123 Connect in a browser environment, automatically creates PDFs, integrates with cloud storage, and has email configuration options to automatically email specific people when a submission is complete.